“We speak the language of your business, and as many of our translators live in the target country they are also familiar with the local customs and practices. Translations by a native speaker are a must, but if the translator also lives in the target country, so much the better!”
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Your situation

For the readers of your texts and for your complex special fields, you are looking for a competent and reliable partner at your side to support and help you with utmost care in the following areas:
  • for any kind of stylistically, technically and terminologically correct translation into all world languages,
  • for high-quality proof-reading of your texts,
  • for procuring interpreters for diverse occasions,
  • for synchronisation of media such as e.g. sound carriers and videos,
  • for the integration of your translations into your existing descriptive material according to the original specifications in QuarkXpress and Pagemaker.

You are looking for your specialist in the fields of:

 medicine  technology  law
  • Medicament documentation
  • Package circulars
  • Instructions for use
  • Patient and product information
  • Clinical, pharmaceutical and toxicological studies
  • Laboratory and medical reports
  • Publications
  • Software and service handbooks for medical devices
  • Expert reports / documentations
  • Process and manufacturing instructions
  • Technical guidelines and norms
  • Technical documentations
  • Product descriptions
  • Trial, measurement and test reports
  • Damage analyses
  • Specifications
  • Certifications
  • TÜV - German Technical Control Association - expert reports
  • Spare parts catalogues
  • Legal correspondence
  • General contracts
  • Regulations / guidelines
  • Notifications
  • Orders
  • Court judgements
  • Judicial decisions / sentences
  • Complaints
  • General terms and conditions of business
  • Expert reports
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