“Standardised wording is essential for a high recognition value. We will professionally edit your terminology and use it automatically in every new assignment, completely free of charge and without having to be prompted to do so!”

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Our solution

By employing professional translators and experienced practising scientists, engineers and lawyers who translate exclusively into their native language, we guarantee you:

  • that your special terminology will be translated in a precise yet easily comprehensible manner,
  • that essential linguistic sensitivity for an up-to-date translation,
  • the cultural adaptation of your text,
  • the breaking down of language barriers and the smooth exchange of information,
  • the graphically precise resetting of your descriptive material and printing by DTP specialists.

Our philosophy is supplemented and perfected by the strict organisational handling of your orders particularly marked out by:

  • absolute punctuality,
  • terminological and functional cooperation between clients and translators,
  • outstanding level of quality,
  • quickest run-through times,
  • maintenance of secrecy (naturally guaranteed by contract as well on request),
  • a clear price structure without any express charges and scaling according to so-called degrees of difficulty,
  • and continually positive starting points for a creative and successful solution for every task.
The positive response from our clients proves that we are on the right path.

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