Our General Terms and Conditions (GTC)
apply to business transactions with our customers
(date: 10/2014)

General points

The General Terms and Conditions apply to all our business transactions with our customers. This expressly precludes the use of all differently worded purchasing and delivery conditions of the customer, unless we have explicitly accepted them in individual cases.

The General Terms and Conditions are accepted by the customer at the time of placing an order and apply for the entire duration of the business relationship, even if we no longer refer to the General Terms and Conditions when accepting individual orders. They also apply to future business.

Customers are both legal entities and natural persons.

1. Orders

Orders of all kinds must unambiguously show the subject matter of the business.

Verbal subsidiary agreements as well as amendments to orders only apply subject to our written confirmation.
We assume no liability for delays or poor workmanship due to incorrect, incomplete, ambiguous and illegible information provided by the customer, including in the translation specification.

2. Work carried out by third parties

We may use third parties in order to conduct all business, if we consider this to be appropriate and rational. We are only liable for the careful selection of third parties. Contact between the customer and the third party engaged by us is only permitted with our express approval.

3. Quotations and prices

All quotations and prices are without obligation.

The prices are in Euros, unless another currency has been agreed. All prices set out in our quotations are net prices, exclusive of VAT.
Discounts and other deduction are not granted unless this has been expressly agreed.

Special services are subject to a supplement or are charged at costs.

4. Assignments

Requested assignments that are accepted by us will be performed in accordance with the placed order and these General Terms and Conditions. We are not responsible for work or services extending beyond the scope of the order.

5. Disruption, force majeure, operational closure and restriction, network and service faults, viruses

We are not liable for damage caused by disruption of our business, more particularly through force majeure such a natural events, strikes, transport disruption, traffic-related delays, network and server faults, connection and transmission failures beyond our control and other disruption.

In such cases, we are entitled to fully or partially withdraw from the contract. This also applies if, on important grounds, we have to fully or partially shut down and/or restrict our operations, in particular the online service, on individual days or for a certain period of time.

We are not liable for damages caused by viruses, Trojan horses, auto dialers, spam mail or similar files. Our IT systems (networks, workstations, programs, files etc.) are regular checked for such viruses and data.

For the delivery of files by e-mail or by other remote transmissions, the customer is responsible for the definitive virus and data checking of the transmitted data and text files. We will not accept any claims for compensation. Electronic transmission takes place at the risk of the customer.
We assume no liability for texts and data that are damaged, incomplete or lost as a result of electronic transmission.

6. Acceptance

The acceptance of the work and/or delivery, including partial deliveries, is a principal obligation of the customer. If the customer refuses or fails to accept the work and/or delivery, he is without further reminder deemed to be in default of acceptance and is liable for all incurred damages.

7. Complaints

In commercial dealings complaints are only accepted if
in the case of evident faults, they are made immediately after transmission of the translation or completion of the work,
in the case of obvious faults, they are made immediately after checking the translation or the work,
in the case of hidden faults, immediately after they come to light,
they are accompanied by a substantiated description of the fault.
In the case of substantiated, correctly notified faults, we are entitled to have the translation or work corrected at least twice, or carried out again in accordance with our selection.
The customer remains obliged to accept and pay for the work performed.

8. Delivery delay, impossibility, withdrawal and compensation

In the cases of delivery delay, correction and attributable impossibility, as well as in other cases, the customer is only entitled to withdraw from the contract and/or carry out the work himself if the deadline has been exceeded by a considerable margin and a reasonable extension of time has been set.

The customer is subject to extensive cooperation obligations.

The customer is obliged to check all work delivered by us for absence of faults and for usability in the specific situation before using the work elsewhere. We are not liable for subsequent damage, such as printing faults, if the customer has not fulfilled his cooperation obligations in full and in time.

9. Payment terms

Unless otherwise agreed, in business transactions with our customers, we require net payment within 14 days of the receipt of the invoice, without deductions, retentions or offsetting.

In addition, after prior notification, we are entitled to exercise the right of retention on all still outstanding deliveries or to request advance payments. On request, the customer in default is obliged to transfer to us items still under title of retention. In addition, we are also entitled to demand the immediate payment of all still outstanding but not yet payable invoices, including the deferred amounts. In the case of default of payment or in the case of deferment we are entitled to charge default interest of 10% p.a. as of the date of default. On exceeding the payment target initially determined in the invoice, the customer declares in commercial dealings that he is willing to assume the credit interests which banks usually charge incurred by us.

10. Title of retention

Until full settlement of all existing claims by the customer, the delivered work, including all associated rights, remains our property.

11. Concluding provisions

If individual provisions of these General Terms and Conditions are or become ineffective, this does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. The place of jurisdiction for all legal disputes, including actions relating to cheques and bills of exchange, arising out of the contractual relationship as well as concerning its establishment and its effectiveness and the place of fulfilment of all obligations in accordance with the contractual relationship is our place of business.

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